Dustin Stratton - Director

Dustin Stratton is a filmmaker from the beautiful state of Oregon. He has led a full and interesting life living both in big cities and the ranch as a kid, to his combat deployments as an Airborne Infantryman, on through his days as a student filmmaker in Portland, OR. Dustin has created many short films over the years, spread over many different genres. The most notable of which are The Forest King and Journal. As a lover of music, life, and film he draws upon all of his experiences for inspiration for the stories he writes as well as directs. Dustin lives with his wife and step-daughter in Salem, OR where he is currently working on his epic/fantasy short-film Verlosser.

Monica Stratton - Producer/Actress


Monica Stratton is a graduate of the University of Oregon where she majored in English. She is a talented writer/producer/actress and is quickly earning a reputation as being one of the most hard working producers and easiest actresses to direct. She works side by side with her brother Dustin on virtually all of his projects as either the producer or actor, many times both. She is eager to take on new risks and challenges and can always be counted on to do the job right the first time.

Jameson Posey - Director of Photography




Jameson Posey is an award winning filmmaker from Portland, Oregon. After starting out in fictional shorts he started treading the waters of short documentaries. This year he received the POV award at the 2011 Hot Docs international film festival for a short documentary he directed. Not only does his passion lie in directing but also cinematography. He has shot numerous music videos and fictional shorts with a strong focus in things abstract and unique, always testing the limitations of the basic shot. After graduating from the Art Institute of Portland next spring Jameson plans on moving to NYC where he will focus on work and enrolling in a masters program.

Ian Stout - 1st Assistant Director



Ian Stout is a Director of narrative films, music videos, documentaries and commercials. Born in upstate New York, Ian has studied film at the Art Institute of Portland and also is the CEO and President of Vertica Productions LLC. His work is defined by a level of humor that ends up in all of his films. He is strongly influenced by French cinema and by the work of Director Jean Pierre Jeunet. Ian uses a careful eye when preparing the mise en scène for all of his films. Lighting and location choice play a huge roll in bringing to life his visions. Ian began his career as an extreme sports videographer for Expedition Kirkwood at Kirkwood Mountain Ski Resort, Lake Tahoe CA in 2007. He is not afraid to hike a mountain to capture Air Force Jets sweeping low over the Sierra’s or run a class V+ waterfall to get the perfect shot of raging rapids while creating web video content for River and Rock in Coloma CA. He strives to incorporate a level of energy in everything he directs and looks forward to every opportunity to share with others the excitement and passion he finds in life.

Kerry Kutzer - Writer/Actor - "Sebastian"


Kerry Kutzer is a young and accomplished writer and actor on Oregon’s west coast. He currently lives in Portland, OR and is steadily building himself up to being one of the most talented screen-writers to come out of the digital film & video program at the Art Institute of Portland. Kerry is a big fan of action and fantasy films and takes a lot of pleasure in writing films in both of those genres. Kerry and Director Dustin have worked together on many different projects and are excited to take on their biggest one yet, Verlosser.

Wiley Parker - Sound Design


Wiley “Coyote” Parker (June 6, 1988) is a filmmaker from the Portland, Oregon area. A student from the award winning film and video program at the Art Institute of Portland, Wiley has a solid grounding in what it takes to create and work in film. Apart from running his own production company, WileyFilm, Wiley works as a sound designer on many local projects. His passion to tell the story and tell it convincingly leads him to produce respectable and high quality products. You can find more about his work and current projects on his blog,

Aaron NelsonCaviglia - VFX



Aaron NelsonCaviglia
“I have lived in a visually compelling world, and I want to share that with everyone who wants to see it.

From pre to post, I can dabble in several aspects of film or video production- ie: storyboards, concept design, animatics, cinematography, lighting,

audio/ visual editing, title sequences/ motion graphics… though, my primary focus is on capturing live action and integrating the ‘unreal’ within it using whatever tool that may suit the job.

… I just want to make movie magic!”



Rowan Spiers-Floyd - Choreographer



Rowan Spiers-Floyd is a young filmmaker in Portland Oregon. Currently enrolled in the Art Institute of Portland he has had desire to make films for his entire life. With a love for stories Rowan has a history in theater, Film, and other storytelling arts. He was first introduced to Stage combat in a middle school play of “Romeo and Juliet” since then he has gone on to do several productions as a fighter, and has choreographed many fights for productions, ranging from duels, to all out battles with over thirty people. He is eager to bring the combat in Verlosser to brutal life!


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    Great discriptions! I’m really impressed with your website.

    1. Dustin Stratton

      Thanks! We’re all working really hard to keep it updated and current! Keep checking back.

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