Saturday, October 22, 2022


I'm not the enemy, I'm one of "them",
I'm Nature meets Nurture, 
a child of my time, 
born to an age where to you I'm a crime. 

You know

I'm gender diverse, 
the one you refuse to see
you want me to be you, 
when I just need to be me. 

You see

I'm not going anywhere,  
I think i'll stick around, 
I like watching you mumble with your head in the ground, 
as you continue to demonize me to all the worlds press, 
saying "Its people like Them that's causing this mess".

You know

you don't even believe your lies, 
not even a fraction, 
you know  I'm not the enemy, 
I'm just the distraction. 

#IAmNoThEnemy (c)Prboon 2022

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